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Why I Came

(The Crumbling Empire Of White People)

I have never seen this place before
A portal to immortal fame
If I discover what's behind the door
Will it be why I came?

Robot monster with a parasol
Nature masquerading as a game
If I get past the bastard protocol
Will it be why I came?

If I hitch my dragon to the stratosphere
Somewhere up there beyond the frame
With an understanding of my landing here
Will it be why I came?

Why I came to man's green earth
Determined by a verging birth
A circus of the very same
Uncertain why I came
I'm not sure why I came

God in a garden charges me alone
With giving everything a name
If I concoct a rocket to the unknown
Will it be why I came?

String dimensions fence the membrane worlds
Addicted to existence like a flame
If Love's disaster casts her swine before girls
Will it be why I came?