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Every Shepherd's Tongue

(At Apogee)

Come live with me and be my god
We'll rent some space in The Land of Nod
Go ahead and make a wish
A nymph among the fish
Everything's delicious
Outside Paradise
Come be my love and we will prove
That some new pleasures require a groove
Dance romantic escapades
Passionate cascades
We're renegades

I never knew this would feel like religion
Imagine a god in the mirror-unending
Pretending to be everyone
Let's move to Jupiter real soon
Tomorrow's done
It's so much cooler than the moon
Tomorrow's done

Until the sun is removed from its station
We'll shepherd sleep to a rivering down
We'll be awake at the end of creation
We'll take our place in the ground
Until the sun gets its next destination
Until a whim blows the cosmos apart
Until the day of the great conflagration
We'll make a place for the new world to start

Come live with me and be my boss
We'll rent a meadow to spread across
And listen to the river run
A universal hum
Water's really something
To think about
Come be my love . . . forget the race
Humanity with its tragic face
And we will sit upon the rocks
Distant from the flocks
We're laughingstocks

Come live with me and be my love
Happy timeless and free