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Lily of the Valley

(Bring Back The Real Don Steele)

She's called Lily of the Valley
Born of dragon battles and Our Lady's tears
Look for Lily of the Valley
Often lost among the palm fronds
And the jacaranda blossoms after it rains
Along Ventura Lily climbs with saints
I know she is my teacher
Like sweet Beatrice guiding me gone
She will ride me in her chariot
Judas Iscariot undone
Lily is the one
Lily is the one we come from

She's called Lily of the Valley
Her fiery wisdom will extinguish all your fears
Precious Lily of the Valley
She's enchanting with lantana
'Mid the oleander landscape completely free
She leaves a message:
Live your destiny
Unknowing just like Socrates
With no hypotheses left to prove
All awhirl when death once more checks in
Vertex to vortex in one move
Lily lays the groove
Lily lays down the groove we swoon to

She's called Lily of the Valley
Pale azaleas hail her when she first appears
I pick Lily of the Valley
Sagebrush lady in the shade
Of a cascading yucca garden
'Round the front yard
She makes her church
South of the boulevard