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Avon Calling

(Bring Back The Real Don Steele)

Avon calling
Shakespeare's crawling door to door
He knoweth not wherefore
Avon calling
Shakespeare's falling half asleep
He dreams of counting sheep
The Fuller Brush Man's face is fake forlorn
And then the Helms truck blows its nosy horn
The dude from Greenpeace wants my signature
And also 50 bucks to keep things pure
All my dreams collide
To save me from the craziness outside
Spare yourself the whole world erupting in war
Never open the door

Avon calling
Shakespeare's stalling for a breath
He'll never catch his death
Avon calling
Shakespeare's lolling at the gate
He's weary of the wait
Jehovah's Witness come to proselytize
The Midnight Mission's holy desperate eyes
Or neighbors' children selling magazines
And Girl Scout cookies you know what that means
All my dreams converge
Into a goo in which I do submerge
Care to join me?
Come on let's lie on the floor
And never open the door