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Veronica Lake

(Bring Back The Real Don Steele)

One day while waiting for nothing outside Union Station
I saw a woman who looked like Veronica Lake
How could her majesty fall into such ruination?
Bombshell emeritus there
Like a heretic burning at mistakes

Veronica at Union Station cannot hold a conversation
The stuff she mutters makes no sense at all
Veronica at Union Station barely an approximation
Of the brooding beauty I recall

The smell of Olvera Street makes it across Alameda
Tacos and leather cerveza and churros and steak
Veronica's picking through trash all across La Placita
Grimy old bag lady slimy old hag used to be Veronica Lake
Veronica at Union Station what a bitter situation
Nothing much is left of her mystique
Veronica at Union Station derailed my every expectation
Gone from ingenue to stone cold freak

Where the freeways meet in Downey
Halfway across the county
Removed from Tinsel Town
There she started living frisky
Drinking suburban whiskey
And sleeping on the ground

Now Veronica's in Santa Monica and Pasadena
Veronica's everywhere up any road you can take
Tripping in Inglewood kicking it in The Marina
The chick is ubiquitous
There is no distance without Veronica Lake

Veronica at Union Station you might catch her on occasion
Chowing down a French Dip from Phillippe's
Veronica at Union Station trapped in her imagination
Screamin' at the demon that she keeps . . .