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Lovely Shade of Bronze

(Bring Back The Real Don Steele)

The air in paradise is cancerous
A murky curtain smothering Los Angeles
Where sunset strips the twilight of its shine
On Beverly and Fairfax an evangelist
Grunts in tongues like someone raisin' Lazarus
Ashrivel on the holy wooden vine
A sign from:

I'm in Heaven
But the deadly breath turns revelation hard
Monoxide swill
Ecstatic still
A poisonous petard
Smart enough to kill
Everyone on Wilshire Boulevard

Unbounded palace
Town without ballast
The sky above
Is quite a lovely shade of bronze
Just like a Roman chalice
A lovely shade of bronze in August

I'm in Heaven
But the firmanent's impermanent I fear
One mighty quake
Will likely make
The city disappear
(Too many faults to take)
Waiting for a break to happen here

I'm in Heaven
Where utopian myopia's gone blurred
Narcoleptic limbo
Kept all akimbo
A populace assured
Weasels pimps and bimbos
Living in the symbols they deserve

I'm in Heaven
What a theosophic wash of golden dawns
A mourning dove
Courts memories of
Sinful winter lawns
Comfy as a glove
And painted such a lovely shade of bronze