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Shaming of the True

(At Apogee)

Swallow this mirage
This desert land
This lake of sand
Love's a camouflage
A mask for need
An urge to breed illusion
Eternity's a dodge
A gift for brides
A time that bides
History's dislodged
From its charade
A spectacle that made:

A pleading heart, misleading eyes
A web of subterfuge and alibis
Uncertain surfaces keep lies from shining through
A drama called The Shaming Of The True

Shakespeare isn't real
He's just a name
A face to blame
Dada totem wheel
Works like a bomb
From Vietnam narrations
Rock and roll's revealed
A bloody cheat
A slave to beat
How much to conceal
How much to fake
Dismiss as a mistake:

Honesty's a ruse
For specious guys
Hot for the prize
A sea of bogus clues
Attractive bait
To legitimate deception
Sabotage the muse
With ironic jokes
Postmodern hoax
Curse the sacred views
Pull out a gun
Placate all Christendom: