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When No One Knows You're There

(Bring Back The Real Don Steele)

Try some anonymity
The key to being free
Embrace it if you dare
Grand invisibility
You've lost the enemy
When no one knows you're there
Live the absence utterly
Ignore identity
Become less self-aware
Give it up to entropy
Who needs the energy
When no one knows you're there?

Wake up walking down Beverly Boulevard one day
How much negative essence will keep you in L.A.?
Because I see you
I see who you are
Waiting for an impresario
Who'll carry you to stardom
Oh but I want you
I want you to know
This Hollywood adventure
Is a visit with Godot

When you are all alone about to cry
Remember how the sky
Lit up your first nightmare
Wonder what it's like to die
Don't have to say goodbye
When no one knows you're there
Drop your gravity and fly
Up where the gods on high
Are sleeping in the air
Disappear into the lie
Without an alibi
When no one knows you're there

Wake up out in The Valley on Victory & Van Nuys
How much culture pollution can you stand to despise?
I swear I feel you
I feel your caress
Amid the Santa Ana winds
Across the emptiness
And so I call you
I call out your name
It echoes through the canyon
Of imaginary fame

A spot where work is tantamount to play
Eternal holiday
A universal prayer
Sneak into the matinee
It's safe to break away
When no one knows you're there
The Tar Pits never let you stray
A permanent display
A solitude to share
Hide inside this house of clay
Dead silence is okay
When no one knows you're there

I want to find another town to get lost in
I'm too familiar with the streets of L.A.
How about Chicago New York City or Boston
Natchez Topeka or Santa Fe?