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It's We Who Turn

(Heaven's Not High)

I woke up underneath a tree
I woke up outside history
Thus come from sleep of savage madness
An obese ego ravaged in sadness

I say why say why
Just checking it out till I die
Watching the what's not there
When we are where we are we are aware
It's we who turn
It's we who turn
It's we who turn
It's we who turn

Then chaos came like curling smoke
In tones like bubbles bursting spoke
Of twisted bliss grown blistered and cloyed
Part saga part raga part voice in the void

Then when my passion went ashen was ended
In spires the powdery vision ascended
Through shattered shadows (The Prime Ordeal)
I got a God's-glimpse of The Real

I might describe that spiral sublime
Had I but words enough and rhyme
But words are false now falling away
Like I've run out of something to say