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The Rodeo

(At Apogee)

Tumbleweeds roll 'cross the prarie
Gathering into a chapparal
Beckoning us to a trendy festival
Down by the old corral
Hey pal-

Let's go where all the hepcats go
'Cause we're all cowboys in this show
And so we know about The Rodeo

Everyone's high on loco weed
In chaps and spurs and sweet John Bs
Waiting for the great stampede
What a happening scene

Out of the chute come the dogies
Caught up in lariats as they run
Suicide wrap for the bullride
Barrel men making it look like fun
Hey son-

Someone got freight-trained in the well
Off of that saddle bronc he fell
Floating in a daylight hell
Oh what a happening scene

Buffalo chips for the fire
After the roping and riding's through
Latigo noose for the loser
Fully aware what he has to do
Hey you-