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Lost In You

(At Apogee)

I was wondering if you knew
How I got lost in you
I stood alone
I fancied free
No one I'd ever known
Meant much to me
I was afraid of the prison door
I'm not afraid anymore

I was only passing through
When I got lost in you
I heard your call and I pursued
Forsaken past
Awake at last
My life renewed

I think about you a hundred million times a day
I want to shout your name with every word I say
My life was clean and ordered no debris
No doubt no danger and no mystery
Then in you flew
And changed my view
Now I'm lost in you
I'm lost in you

My destiny was as simple to me
As a crystal vase
I had a map to avoid every trap
Until I saw your face
Now I'm enraptured
Entirely captured
I'm frazzled bedazzled enthralled
The prison I feared isn't prison at all