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"Lubricate Your Mind . . . "
KPFK 90.7 FM--Los Angeles
Sunday Nights, 8-10pm Pacific Time

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Head Room is a wide-open venue for exploratory rock and roll, be it psychedelic pioneers such as the Grateful Dead, contemporary jam-rock, healthy doses of vintage progressive rock, new music from myriad experimental, improvisational, accidental, avant-freak, arty-smarty pop, and psychedelic cabaret artists or any other aural anomalies emanating from the nethersphere. Special emphasis is given to interesting offbeat local acts currently making the scene in Los Angeles.


Head Room #187 Playlist--10/2/16

Lay My Lily Down—Bob Weir, "Blue Mountain"

Petrified—Moossa, "Right Way Round"
Vice—The Midnight Pine, "The Midnight Pine"
Young Lion—Miles Mosley, "Uprising"

Chord Change—Camel, "Moonmadness"
Program Select—TAUK, "Sir Nebula"
Knee Bitten Nymphs In Limbo—Happy The Man, "Happy The Man"

Tales of Spain—Carmen, "Fandangos In Space"
Owls In The Night—Peter Manning Robinson, "Live At Bergamot Station"

A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers—Van Der Graaf Generator, "Pawn Hearts"

Cosmic Warriors Girth Curse—Brain Tentacles, "Brain Tentacles"
Juno—Weston/Saxon Groove Assembly, "Acceleration"

Bottom of the Barrel—Forlorn Strangers, "Forlorn Strangers"
Kingdoms in a City Lost to Time—ellyn & robbie, "Skywriting with Glitter"
We're Falling—Cardinal Moon, "Tarot"
Dirt—The Perennials, "The Perennials"

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