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Head Room

"Lubricate Your Mind . . . "
KPFK 90.7 FM--Los Angeles
Sunday Nights, 8-10pm Pacific Time
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Email Host/Producer Barry Smolin


Head Room is a wide-open venue for exploratory rock and roll, be it vintage pioneers such as the Grateful Dead, contemporary jam-rock, new music from myriad experimental, improvisational, accidental, avant-freak, wyrd-folk, and psychedelic cabaret artists or any other aural anomalies emanating from the nethersphere. Special emphasis is given to interesting offbeat local acts currently making the scene in Los Angeles.


Head Room #82, 4/13/14

Song in my Branches—Levi Weaver, "Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me"

(She's Got) A Heart Of Stone—The Singles, "Look How Fast A Heart Can Break"
Mystery—The She's, "Dreamers"
Teenager—The Rich Hands, "Out Of My Head"
Make It Together—Beachwood Sparks, "Desert Skies"

Behold, the Sea Itself!—The Revere, "Behold, the Sea Itself!"
In My Head—Paradise, "Soldiers of the Modern Age"
The Perfect Parasite—Liam Gowing, "Drunk Sluts Forever"
The Lane—Sleepy Sun, "Maui Tears"

The Way It Goes—The American Professionals, "We Make It Our Business"
Lost Cause—Patrolled By Radar, "Cool Your Jets,"
Jessi Throws Down—Wild Awake, "Wild Awake"
I Got Tired (It Hurt So Bad)—Black Hi-Lighter
Can't You Hear Me Ticking—Happy Jawbone Family Band, "Happy Jawbone Family Band"

Fire Mumblers—Kithkin, "Rituals, Trances, & Ecstacies for humans in the Face of The Collapse"
Dancing in the Gold—Steve Gregoropoulos, "Dancing in the Gold"
Surface Tension—Neomythics, "More Protection"
Stick Shift—Stoney Spring, "Right on Heliotrope!"

Buffalo Skinner—Three Thirds, "Buffalo Skinner: A Tribute To Woody Guthrie"
Clarendon Hills—The Visibles, "The Visibles"
Back To You—Twin Forks, EP
Living Is Dying—The Lowest Pair, "36 cents"

Tomorrow's Not Today—Dwight & Nicole, "Shine On"
Mountain Relief—Picastro, "You"
Interplanetary—Hundreds, "Aftermath"
Next Year in Jerusalem—Elysian Fields, "For House Cats and Sea Fans"

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