» Newly released: a couple of Album Extras from Mr. Smolin's 2007 album The Crumbling Empire Of White People

» Mr. Smolin & Double Naught Spy Car release That Tragoady Thundersday, music for Chapter 1 of James Joyce's novel Finnegans Wake

» A haunted night in Mr. Smolin's latest fiction excursion, "Hollow Eve".

» Another bit of short fiction, "Little Does He Know", in which Buzzy Lagniappe (from The Miranda Complex and Narcissus In The Dark) deals with internet (and other) troubles.

» Short fiction from Mr. Smolin which takes place at Norms on La Cienega.

» Mr. Smolin's 1st band The Wake remembered.

» Mr. Smolin's piece "The Fantastic Catch" on baseball, Tony Conigliaro, the Angels, Los Angeles in the 1970s, Taoism, and dad-wisdom now readable at

» Eric Wagner writes about The Miranda Complex and other things Smolin at Raw Illumination.

» Mr. Smolin & Double Naught Spy Car's musical rendition of Finnegans Wake, Chapter 1 is now streaming live at the Waywords and Meansigns website.

» Anomaly Press announces the publication of the first volume in Barry Smolin's fiction trilogy The Miranda Complex, the epic saga of teenage Lance Atlas and his angsty relationship with Miranda Savitch, played out against a cultural backdrop that includes an adolescent-eye view of the politics, film, literature, and, especially, music of the era, as well as a mythic rendering of Los Angeles in the 1970s.

The Miranda Complex

Listen to songs referenced in The Miranda Complex Volume 1 on Spotify:

A kind of literary jukebox . . .


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