» Mr. Smolin's poem to a young poet Always Be Madly In Love is now out and available.

» In his latest release, Baby Methuselah, Mr. Smolin takes his trio on another off-kilter joyride through our bewildering contemporary circumstance via another dose of Psycho-Tonk jazz, just the remedy for coping with Trump's America.

» Storytime with Mr. Smolin: My Lunch With LautrĂ©amont, wherein a little green man relates his journey to the same old thing.

» Ring around the Rosary with Mr. Smolin in a musical meditation called The Five Decades. Mr. Smolin has also made available the solo piano tracks in a separate recording entitled The Four Mysteries

» Mr. Smolin's rhyming story for children of all ages, The Mole With A Hole In The Whole Of Him, is now out and available for your edification and/or listening pleasure. With cover art by Gary Baseman

» Read Barry Smolin's fiction trilogy The Miranda Complex, the epic saga of teenage Lance Atlas and his always-misfiring relationship with Miranda Savitch, played out against a cultural backdrop that includes an adolescent-eye view of the politics, film, literature, and, especially, music of the 1970s as lived in the Beverly-Fairfax area of Los Angeles.

The Miranda Complex

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