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Mr. Smolin muses on the transition from the presidency of Barak Obama to that of Donald Trump in a poem entitled The Endarkenment

Mr. Smolin's rhyming story for children, The Mole With A Hole In The Whole Of Him

Another little Smolin something to nosh on, My Lunch With Lautréamont

Smolin writes a la Tristan Tzara in a prose poem entitled Not Nearly Enough Dada

A piece of language called "An Audience of None"

A haunted night in Mr. Smolin's latest fiction excursion, "Hollow Eve"

Another bit of short fiction, "Little Does He Know", in which Buzzy Lagniappe (from The Miranda Complex and Narcissus In The Dark) deals with internet (and other) troubles

Mr. Smolin's short fiction piece "Outside Norms"

Mr. Smolin's 1st band The Wake remembered

Mr. Smolin writes about baseball, Tony Conigliaro, the Angels, Los Angeles in the 1970s, Taoism, dad-wisdom, and other fine subjects in a piece called "The Fantastic Catch" on

Eric Wagner writes about The Miranda Complex and other things Smolin at Raw Illumination

Mr. Smolin is a guest on The Nowman Show

Flying Lessons With Mr. Smolin

Those Who Can, Teach!

Ellie Herman of the excellent Gatsby In L.A. blog, features Mr. Smolin in two articles, first an interview and then in a classroom visit

Mr. Smolin appears in these two video snippets from the My Moby Dick event at the Broad Theatre, #1 and #2

Heaven's Not High reviewed on Michael Doherty's Music Blog

Mr. Smolin's L.A. song-cycle Bring Back The Real Don Steele is featured in an article in the L.A. Weekly

"Boss Radio" as it happened live at Echo Curio:

Mr. Smolin is mentioned in this article on musicians who are UCLA Alumni

Mr. Smolin wrote an article for the L.A. Times about his former high school English teacher George Schoenman

"The Earth Keeps Turning On" is featured in Episode 7 Season 3 of Weeds

Mr. Smolin has a loverly chat with Rip Rense in The Rip Post

Simon Lewis of Terrascope calls Crumbling Empire "a work of pop genius"

Crumbling Empire is blurbed positively by Jon Worley in Aiding & Abetting

View DanRae Wilson's video of Mr. Smolin's classic song "Casper":

Read about Mr. Smolin in the L.A. Times!

Rip Rense conducts an extensive interview with Mr. Smolin in The Rip Post

At Apogee receives a positive review in

The first public review of At Apogee appears in the September 2003 edition of Cosmik Debris

Other articles by Smolin:

All Antennae Up And Running--an interview with Joe Gallant

House Full Of Cheese--article on DJ Harry

Creatures From The Mutant Lagoon--article on the Ominous Seapods

Blood In The Clover--article on teaching Stephen Sondheim's Assassins

Drumming At The Edge Of Jerry--an interview with David Kemper

Some old interviews with Smolin:

Mr. Smolin was in Time Magazine in his early teaching days (1988).

Smolin featured in Voyager Magazine

Radio coverage in Relix Magazine