Maldoror (2021)

An orchestral homage to the visionary madness of Isidore Ducasse, Le Comte de Lautréamont.

Truth's Booty (2021)

Modes on a Grecian urn.

Left Alone (2021)

Music for nylon strings.

All Systems Go (2021)

Insomniac Jazz

As Is (2021)

"If you think you really come and go, that is your delusion. Let me show you the path on which there is no coming and no going." --Zen master Ikkyu

Eidolons (2021)

Lord of Love (2021)

Blessed be the eternal oneness of Richard Alpert, Mahatma Guru Ram Dass, being here now and always.

We Hear Voices (2021)

Subtexts and undertones

Deep In The Sea-Meant Pond (2021)

Mr. Smolin & Double Naught Spy Car present Uncle Jed and his Texas Tea

A Pocketful of Poesies (2021)

Shmoetry + Dotenmuzik

Tender Buttons (2021)

A cubist soundscape rendered via Gertrude Stein's "Tender Buttons."

I Knew It By The River (2021)

What did you look like before the world was made?

When A Weasel Steals Your Chumetz (2021)

Chag Sameach

We Are The Ancestors (2021)

Message received and relayed.

Ersatz Classics (2021)

Those hepcats from Hades strike again.

Underworld Orchestra (2021)

If Hades had a house band

A Jew In Space (2021)

In space no one can hear you daven...

Maps To Stars Homes (2021)

For those romantic insterstellar weekend getaways

Frenching (2021)

An excerpt from The Miranda Complex Volume 1 with piano accompaniment.

Radio Andromeda (2020)

Received transmissions from a neighboring galaxy.

Great Seizure's Ghost (2020)

Solo pianderings

Hypostasy (2020)

Smolin & Meghrouni. Here they go again.

Slide Down My Rainbow (2020)

Echoes from childhood.......

Pretend To Play (2020)

Piano tracks from "The Minerva Syndrome," telling their own story, or something along those lines.

That's What They All Say (2020)

Voices overheard in the Bardo. Language for the maelstrom.

The God Paradox (2020)

That which is beyond contradiction.

Doo-Dads (2020)

"Because it's a doodad kind of town..." --Dorothy Parker

The Minerva Syndrome (2020)

Spoken word with piano accompaniment, a story-within-a-story from Barry Smolin's fiction trilogy The Miranda Complex

Lurch (2020)

Festering gobs of longitude. Smolin goes Baroque. Solo harpsichord at once neat, sweet, petite.

Antediluvian Future (2020)

More psychotonk with the trio. Capturing the splatters of the Trumpian dystopia. Fast in advance of the blue shift. With Mr. Smolin on piano, Marc Doten on bass, and Joe Berardi on drums.

Say No More (2020)

Piano peregrinations from "The Day I Met Blassie & Tolos," "The Fantastic Catch," and "Outside Norms."

Outside Norms (2020)

It was just one of those hangs...

Spoken word with piano accompaniment.

Eyelid Movies (2020)

Solo Psycho-Tonk.
Soundtrack for a silent film of your own making.
Listen with your eyes closed.

The Fantastic Catch (2020)

Mr. Smolin goes to little league. Spoken word with piano accompaniment.

Play Free (2019)

From somewhere in here and out there at the same time. Psychotonkery, A due. Mr. Smolin & Vince Meghrouni at play in the land of the free.

The Humpback of Nostradamus (2019)

Gracie is pregnant. And prognosticating. She sees the future because it's always now. The essence of her message: You are already living in eternity. Forget about elsewhere. You are here.

The Day I Met Blassie & Tolos (2019)

Mr. Smolin reads an excerpt from The Miranda Complex Volume 2: Poppies, in which young Lance Atlas meets his wrestling-god heros Classy Freddie Blassie and The Golden Greek John Tolos.

Water Signs (2019)

Piano Peregrinations

Before You Know It (2019)

In the beginning was the Wordlessness

The Age of Endarkenment (2019)

Music set to words

unspoken (2019)

Instrumental tracks from "My Lunch With Lautréamont" and "Always Be Madly In Love"

Always Be Madly In Love (2019)

Poem for a young poet.

Ancients Link with Presents as the Human Chain Extends (2019)

An a cappella rendering of a single sentence from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

Baby Methuselah (2019)

Another dose of Psycho-Tonk run amok in Trump's America. Once again, Mr. Smolin is joined by Marc Doten on bass and Joe Berardi on drums/percussion.

My Lunch With Lautréamont (2018)

In this latest excursion, Mr. Smolin accompanies himself on the piano as we hear the story of a little green man trying to blend in with homo sapiens on planet earth. A chance encounter with the long dead French author Isidore Ducasse, aka Comte de Lautréamont, at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, CA circa 1980 inspires him to accept his own invisibility.

The Four Mysteries (2018)

These solo piano tracks from The Five Decades are also meditations on their own and unto themselves.

The Five Decades (2018)

Intended as a single piece in 5 movements, The Five Decades is Mr. Smolin's take on the middle (or "decades") portion of the Rosary, approached as a meditation. A submergence and a resurfacing.

The Mole With A Hole In The Whole Of Him (2018)

Mr. Smolin's rhyming story for children of all ages. With cover art by Gary Baseman

The Mole With A Hole In The Whole Of Him--Piano Only (2018)

The instrumental piano track from Mr. Smolin's The Mole With A Hole In The Whole Of Him. With cover art by Gary Baseman

Mysterium Fidei (2018)

Wordless birthlings for solo piano. Alternating yang and yin.

The Mookse & The Gripes (2018)

Mr. Smolin recites the Mookse & Gripes episode from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake to his own piano accompaniment, originally appearing in the Open Door Edition of the Wayword & Meansigns project

The Mookse & The Gripes--Piano Only (2018)

The solo piano track, no vocals, from Mr. Smolin's The Mookse & The Gripes.

The Sooterkin Library (2017)

Avant-freak 12-Tone Mongrel Psycho-Tonk For The Age Of Androgyny. Raw sewage straight from the brainus. A nonverbal response to Trump's America. Mr. Smolin on piano, Marc Doten on bass, Joe Berardi on drums.

That Tragoady Thundersday (2016)

Instrumental music created for Chapter 1 of James Joyce's novel Finnegans Wake as part of the Waywords and Meansigns project.

Mutt and Jute (2016)

A selection from Mr. Smolin's contribution to the 2nd Edition of the Waywords and Meansigns project setting James Joyce's Finnegans Wake to music. This solo-piano passage is from the Mutt and Jute section of Finnegans Wake Chapter 1. Mutt and Jute is also included on the That Tragoady Thundersday album.

The Man I Met Once (2015)

Fairfax High School (2015)

Mr. Smolin & Double Naught Spy Car join forces once again for this rollicking tribute to Fairfax High School in Los Angeles CA during the 1970s.

Heaven's Not High (2013)

On his 4th album, Heaven's Not High, Mr. Smolin has teamed up with L.A.'s psychedelic surf-noir maestros Double Naught Spy Car for a blistering hot phantasmagoria of rock songs with an entheogenic bent entitled Heaven's Not High. Matching Mr. Smolin's songwriting with the fearless tripped-out jamming of Paul Lacques, Marcus Watkins, Marc Doten, & Joe Berardi, Heaven's Not High boasts 9 hook-and-groove laden tunes culminating in the album's grand finale, the epic title track, an instant freak classic.

Bring Back The Real Don Steele (2009)

Bring Back The Real Don Steele, Mr. Smolin's 3rd official release, is a Los Angeles song-cycle recorded live and unrehearsed at the funky egalitarian art gallery Echo Curio on Sunset Blvd in the city's Echo Park neighborhood. On hand to contribute to the vibe are veteran L.A. musicians Probyn Gregory on guitar, Paul Lacques raging away on lap-steel, Vince Meghrouni blowing sax, flute, and harmonica, wunderkind bass monster Miles Mosley, drummer Brandon Jay, as well Mr. Smolin's angelic choir of Harvey Canter, Patria Jacobs, and Chris Rael. Harking back to the days when boss jock The Real Don Steele ruled the AM airwaves on 93 KHJ but also very much steeped in the present and future of the city, the 13 songs on Bring Back The Real Don Steele attempt to capture the essence of Los Angeles, its sights, sounds, and smells, that permeating admixture of monoxide, tar, and taco sauce. Best heard while looking out the window of a moving car. Featuring "Boss Radio," "Rainy Franklin Day," "Veronica Lake," "Scarecrow Jesus," "Welcome To Nowheresville" and a host of other Southland-themed ditties. Once again, Gary Baseman provides the album art.

Weeds: Music From The Series Vol. 3 (2008)

Mr. Smolin's song "The Earth Keeps Turning On" appears on the Weeds Season 3 Soundtrack Album, a compilation of the finest music from Season 3 of the popular Showtime television series

The Crumbling Empire Of White People (2007)

An earth-answer to the outerspace journey of At Apogee, Mr. Smolin's second official release is Shmo's take on love and loss, politics, religion, and other burdens of our age. Dizzy with a world in retrograde, the only superpower teetering under the weight of its own excess, Mr. Smolin has applied his insightful mind and melodic grace toward concocting this latest batch of apocalyptic pop songs, a brain-tonic laced with luscious production and whopping awesome fun, the perfect soundtrack for those seeking illumination, mindfulness, wit, heart, and a real good time. Features "Mata Hari," "Face The World," "Tilting," "Knock This Gulag Down" and a bunch more Shmotunes as well. Once again produced by Stew. Album art by Gary Baseman.

Crumbling Empire Album Extras (2007)

Alternate takes from Mr. Smolin's album The Crumbling Empire Of White People

At Apogee (2004)

Mr. Smolin's debut album. A lush, non-linear song-cycle produced by Stew. With its Kierkegaardian vibe and lonesome echoes, At Apogee is a story of distance giving way to proximity, of a disembodied hero succumbing to the gravity of Love. Highlights include "The Earth Keeps Turning On," "Angels," "Casper," "The Rodeo" and many more. Village Voice music critic Richard Gehr has dubbed Smolin's style on At Apogee "psychedelic cabaret music."